Our Story

We are Pernilla Bergqvist & Michelle Löfberg, two Swedish ladies who met in Hong Kong in 2013. We both felt that it was hard to find contemporary and minimalistic cashmere pieces to go with classics in our wardrobes. We wanted a high quality cashmere that can be used for years. Something timeless and comfortable to wear, easy on your wallet, and sustainable. Sustainable fashion is important for both of us buy less-choose well, back to basic in so many ways by using raw environmental friendly material. We decided to make our dream come true and that’s when ME&BERG was born.

Why Cashmere? 
Cashmere is one of the most exclusive materials. It takes 2–4 years for one goat to produce enough wool for one sweater. The goats are combed by hand every spring when their winter coat is falling off. This is why we call it slow fashion. All the fabrics from cashmere are lightweight and extremely breathable. It is technically a wool, but it is thinner, softer and stronger than sheep’s wool. Our fine A-graded cashmere comes from goats in Inner Mongolia.  

The way we knit
In knitting, the term gauge (gg) is often used, and it refers to the number of stitches per inch. Basically you can say that a higher guage indicates a thinner garment. Ply tells you how many threads that are twisted in the yarn. The most common way to knit cashmere is by using 7 gg, 12 gg and 16 gg and 2 ply.